Would you like to conduct interviews for Penn Admissions?

An interview allows an applicant to learn more about the school from an informed and engaged alumnus. Through an interview, the Admissions Office may learn things about the student that might not appear in the application. Penn’s alumni interviewing effort reaches more students than any other university in the world.

We are trying to connect with EVERY APPLICANT, and we could use your help!


Be an ambassador for Penn. Share your Penn experience with applicants. Make the college application process more personal.

How does it all work?  In summary:  You will be assigned applicants, and you make arrangements to meet each one in a public place for a casual conversation lasting 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, you write commentary which the Admissions Office will read during the selection process.

Students form impressions of the University based on their interactions with alumni. We want every applicant to meet an enthused alumnus, and to feel comfortable discussing their interests. Know that your work as an interviewer will have a lasting effect on Penn’s image in your community and beyond.

This brief video sums it up.

If you’re interested in mentoring activities, The Fels Public Policy Internship Program spends much of the academic year helping students find internships in the public policy sector in Washington and New York. Once summer gets underway, we switch gears and run Penn in Washington, which includes a mentoring program, networking events, and a speakers program that has been very popular with students and alumni alike. For more information or to register as a mentor, please visit us at or